Galaxy World Logistics Ltd. is specialized in GOH with over 10 years experience. Our dedicated specialists pick, pack, sort and hang garments with extreme care to ensure maximum protection and at the same time to eliminate refurbishing at destination, we strictly adhere to quality control procedures. We are expert in providing and / or handling tailor-made equipment to suit the need of shipment assigned. Aside of maximizing space utilization, much attention is paid to ensure the garment in good genuine shapes during and after shipping by air or sea.


Tailor-made equipment
Maximum utilization of space
Selection of hangers PERSONALIZED
Garments to be sorted by color, size and style as per instruction of consignee.
Garments inspected before and during loading
Photos taken before, during and after garment on hanger. Photos will be sent by e-mail to consignee immediately.
Full laundry insurance is provided for protection.
Guaranteed to meet your specifications.